LAHORE: Senior analyst Najam Sethi on Sunday said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief of Army Staff Gen Raheel Sharif would have to make important decisions in next 72 hours and despatch of troops to Saudi Arabia was quite probable.

He warned that the Saudis would not forgive Pakistan in case of further delay in dispatching the troops.Expressing his views in Geo News programme ‘Aapas ki Baat’, Sethi said the religious parties could not sustain the pressure and had changed their stance. “We have agreed to everything. The only problem is how to give it.”

He said Saudis had expressed their annoyance over the Parliament resolution which stressed neutrality, as they were not ready to accept that. Imran Khan would not protest, if the prime minister and the army chief decided to send the army men, he added.

Sethi said Saudi Arabia had provided the evidence of Iranian interference in Yemen as a Saudi minister claimed that at least three ships from Iran transported weapons for the Houthi rebels. It was also being said that two Iranian officers – a colonel and a lieutenant – had been arrested, who were in Yemen to train the rebels, he added.

According to Sethi, these are very important allegations given that three Saudi soldiers have also been killed along the border with Yemen. Any incident of border crossing and the proof about Iranian involvement will strengthen the Saudi Arabia’s case that its territory is under threat.