On Tuesday Russia’s Pacific Fleet tested a new mobile, coastal missile unit, according to local media.

Tass media outlet (formerly ITAR-TASS) reported that Russia’s Pacific fleet— whose area of operations covers the Asia-Pacific—conducted its first test of the Bal-E modern coastal missile system (CMS).

“Deploying the system from the move, the personnel carried out a missile launch on a sea target complying with the specified standards,” a Pacific Fleet spokesman, Captain First Rank Roman Martov, is quoted of saying.

Earlier, TASS had reported that the Bal-E CMS “consists of a self-propelled command control and communications centre, self-propelled launchers, a transport and reloader machine and communications vehicle, a total of- up to 11 special vehicles.” It added that the system “is capable of hitting targets at ranges up to 120 kilometers at any time and under any weather conditions.”