Top Indian players would not visit Pakistan: Sunil Gavaskar


Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar said that top Indian players would reject the idea of visiting Pakistan for a tour after what happened with Sri Lanka in 2009.

Gavaskar also said Zimbabwe’s tour of Pakistan was a baby step towards the revival of international  cricket in Pakistan.

“Whatever the country’s Boards may decide, I am sure not many top Indian players would like to go there and play if they are asked today, After what happened in 2009, most players would refuse to tour the country,” Gavaskar told NDTV.

When asked about how does he feel about Zimbabwe’s tour of Pakistan, he said, “It will be just a baby step. There are more steps required before it can say that international cricket is back in Pakistan.

The batting legend added that it will be good for the youngsters of Pakistan to see their heroes live in action.

“It is good for the young Pakistanis to see their heroes play in front of their eyes in flesh and blood in the national colours,” said Gavaskar.