BOL Group, Pakistan’s largest media conglomerate, is set to bring about a revolution in Pakistan’s media industry with the support of several renowned media stalwarts and famous anchorpersons. Syeda Madeha Zahra Naqvi, a leading presenter, is one of them. She is one of the most recognizable figures in Pakistan’s broadcast media with several years of experience to her credit.

Syeda Madeha Zahra Naqvi began her journalistic career with Dunya News where she worked as a news anchor for two and half years covering a number of national events and leading several awareness campaigns. Later, she joined GEO News and did a popular show, Geo Shan Se, with film actor Shan for nearly seven months. She also went to the United States to cover American presidential elections where she had the rare honor of being the youngest reporter to cover the landmark event. Upon returning to Pakistan, she joined GEO Tez, where she conducted an immensely popular show exploring several social, political and health issues.

During her stellar broadcast career, she has worked with a number of famous anchors and made her distinct identity by virtue of her own inimitable way of presentation. An eloquent and articulate host, she has command over English and Urdu and speaks both languages fluently. Syeda Madeha Zahra Naqvi has also attended numerous trainings and workshops, including one from ICFJ in the US. A dedicated journalist, she is regarded by her colleagues and friends as an ambitious, hard-working and committed professional.

“Some of the widely recognized personalities in the media industry have joined BOL and Syeda Madeha Zahra Naqvi is a valuable addition,” said Axact and BOL’s Chairman and CEO, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh.

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