Supermodel Ayyan Ali brings life to Rawalpindi Adiala Jail


RAWALPINDI: As Pakistan supermodel Ayyan Ali’s attempt to smuggle $506,800 outside the country has landed him Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jial, which is notorious for housing terrorists and hardened criminals, albeit her his arrival has brought life to the dreaded Adiala prison with reports of senior police and district administration officials visiting the facility.

The Online news agency reported that amid report of dance party at the prison, which currently housing some high-profile terrorists, official of Rawalpindi Administration, senior police officials including an SSP, a DSP and brother of former Interior Minister in PPP government rushed to the facility.

The agency claimed that at the prison facility, the supermodel is being afforded VVIP treatment by the Jail administration and even her demand for meal from top hotels of the capital is being met.

The report said that supermodel, who is a category B inmate in the Adiala Jail, was being treated like a ‘VVIP’ and her all demands were being fulfilled.

Facilities which can only be afforded to a A category inmate are being provided due to her obvious connection in power corridors and relations with high and mighty officials and politicians.