The numbers of collectively of Arab forces are over two millions with a few hundred tanks only. They also have sufficient amount of advanced fighter jets. This all make us feel that the Arab countries have become the super powers in the world. These are now demanding Pakistan to get involved into the Yemen case. But it is not possible for Pakistan to do the same because unlike Arab countries, many of our hostages are present in Yemen.

This is what has been highlighted in this video report. It has come from one of the famous channels. A lot of things have been told here about Arab countries. It is also highlighted that Arab countries are putting much pressure on Pakistani army to show involvement in the war of Yemen. If it so happens, Pakistan would have to suffer from serious problems.

It is better for Pakistan to stay miles away from each and every issue of Arab countries. The Yemen war against Rebels with Saudi is getting serious day by day. Who knows what would be the end result of this war. Arab countries, in this regard, have no right to put pressure on Pakistan. This is due to the reason that Pakistan is a free state. It can do whatever they like without any pressure of Arab countries as well as the pressure from America. We cannot do what can harm our country’s people and disturb its peace.