Smartphone Batteries Of The Future Could Be Charged In A Minute 638

When it comes to choosing a smartphone, the size of a phone’s battery plays an important role in that decision. After all having the most powerful hardware specs certainly won’t matter if you have a phone that barely lasts you half a day, right? At the moment there are plenty of battery solutions being worked on, but if you’re hoping to see some fruition in the near future, StoreDot’s technology could be it.

The startup has recently unveiled a new battery technology that they claim will be able to fully recharge in just a minute. What this means is that while you will still run out of juice, thankfully plugging it into a charger for a minute should have you all good to go in no time. However the company admits that the trade off is that the overall capacity will be smaller, but like we said, it makes up for it with faster charging times.

The technology was sort of an accidental discovery as the original research was meant for nanotechnology in use for Alzheimer’s disease. It seems that researchers discovered a certain peptide molecule with a high capacitance, which basically allows them to absorb a charge faster than others, thus leading to the faster charging times.

At the moment StoreDot is said to be in talks with smartphone manufacturers and they expect to land deals with at least one or two of them by the end of the year, and hopefully by Christmas 2016, we can expect to see the technology in some of these phones. Naturally they did not mention who they were in talks with, but hopefully we will learn more in the future.