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ADELAIDE: Pakistan have lost the match against India but it would be depressing for you to know that there is this one guy who had tweeted match results — the exact match results — even before the conclusion of India’s innings, at around 11:35AM.

This is very interesting and shocking am many posted regarding the match result and it came out to be true.

As you can clearly see, the timestamp on tweet is 11:35AM (PST) from February 15th, 2015. And just to add, above tweet is rendered directly from Twitter, i.e. its not a screen-grab.

tweetMatch between arch rivals concluded at around 4:30PM (PST) then how is it possible for Mr. Aslam Khan Tanoli to have so accurately predicted the match 5 hours ahead of the closing time?

This tweet is currently making rounds on Facebook and Twitter, along with shouts that match was fixed. Well it could be — who knows — but not because this guy predicted match results well ahead of the final outcome.

Not to mention, Twitter doesn’t allow its users to change the timestamp of a tweet. Even when you change the time zone or do any kind of tweeking, its simply impossible.