Cricket 575
Pakistanis take their cricket seriously. Following Pakistan’s crushing defeat at the hands of West Indies on Saturday, cricket fans in the country reacted in typical fashion. Some staged mock funerals while others took to social media to express their distaste and disgust with not just the team but also other entities they felt were equally responsible.

It seems like fans weren’t happy with how the team turned out. Some started out with the hashtag #SelfiesDestroyedCricket to take a swing at the players that never managed to perform. And others trended #WeWantMilitaryCricketBoard to highlight how the current management is getting Pakistan’s cricket nowhere.

A twitter user called SaadiaBukhari took to twitter to vent out against Najam Sethi. “12 out of 35 punctures of Najam Sethi are currently playing for Pakistan in #ICCWorldCup2015” she wrote while mocking a term he himself coined.

Another user called Nabeel A. Qadeer tweeted, “Thank you najam sethi for completely ruining our #cricket. May you continue to ruin more institutions in this country. Amen.”

Some tried to bring some sense to the situation and stay objective. Anthony Permal tweeted, “People are blaming Najam Sethi. Forgetting the number of seasoned talented players on the field who failed stupidly.”

Najam Sethi seems to have come under fire for things that can’t even be directly linked to him.

Abdul Nishapuri wrote, “#ShameOnNajamSethi LeJ terrorists released, Ahmadis attacked, Christians persecuted, elections rigged.” Thankfully, unlike the ‘Thanks Obama’ posts, Sethi’s notoriety will likely not grow anymore than this.