Saulat Mirza

QUETTA: The family had met Saulat Mirza, the prisoner on death row two days ahead of his execution, at Central Prison Mach, the most dreadful prison in Pakistan, in Bolan district of Balochistan on Tuesday.

According to Superintendent of Mach Prison, Ishaq Zehri, the family comprising his wife, son and sister arrived at Central Prison on Tuesday and held an hour long meeting with Saulat Mirza, ahead of two days his execution. “They met according to the procedure in the meeting area of prison with prisoner behind the bar,” Zehri said.

Ishaq Zheri said the family left after meeting Mirza. “Wednesday would be the last day for meeting. The Prison officials would not refuse the family, if they want to meet again on Wednesday,” he said.

All the necessary preparation has been concluded and the prisoner will be executed at 5:30 am on Thursday March 19th.

According to Zehri, it would be first execution after October 2007. There are 92 prisoners on death row and the mercy petitions of 13 prisoners are pending with President of Pakistan.

Security has already been beefed up in Mach Prison to ensure the smooth execution. Mirza is being executed in Balochistan on administrative ground. He had not committed any crime on this soil.

“He would be asked for the last wish of his life before execution,” an official of Home Department Balochistan said.