KARACHI: Pakistan Rangers Sindh arrested a target killer suspected Rehan alias Behari during a targeted raid Friday in the Surjani area city of Karachi, according to a press release issued by the paramilitary force.

The press release said the suspect is a Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) incharge of the sector and has confessed his involvement in the incidents of target killing, tearing the skins of sacrificial animals and extortion.

Rehan was heading a number of target killing teams in his town who killed police officers and people from rival political parties, said the press release

The suspect is also involved in collecting donations by force, tearing the skins of sacrificial animals and land grabbing, the statement said.

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Rangers personnel were also arrested an alleged murderer of Taiser area of ​​the city of Karachi on Wednesday.

The statement issued by the spokesman of the Rangers after the arrest said the suspect Muhammad Ashiq confessed affiliated with MQM party leader Manzar Imam and kill his guards January 17, 2013.

Ashiq has also been involved in the killing of 12 others from rival political parties, the statement said, adding that the suspect would throw the corpses of his victims using a Khidmat-i-Khalq Foundation (KKF) ambulance.

The deployment of Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, Karachi was requisitioned under Article 147 of the Constitution, under Article 1 of the sub-section 3 of Section 4 of the Terrorism Act 1997, licensed to prevent terrorist acts, or violations provided in the area notified for terrorist punishment in accordance with the provision of 1.997 ATA.

Called in 1989 to help police in Karachi by the government of the day led by the PPP in the middle of a situation of law and order deterioration, the Rangers began to enjoy more powers in 2009 – extended to new by the PPP-led governments in both the center and the province, which enabled the force to search homes and arrest suspects without a warrant.