Islamabad: After the sensational disclosures made by supermodel Ayyan Ali, the investigation agencies have widened their scope of probe to the political circles.

According to sources, Ayyan, who was arrested on money laundering charges has made stunning disclosures during interrogation and has named several politicians as well as top models of the country involved in this crime.

The intelligence agencies after completing their interrogation have handed over the investigation to a special FIA team. Sources said that Ayyan has told investigators that she is not alone involved in this matter and there are 10 to 11 other models who are also involved in this dirty business. These models are used as handlers/carriers by influential political personalities to smuggle the money out of the country to the Gulf as well as other countries, she disclosed.

Sources said that she has also given the names of those models to the agencies. Sources further said that brother of an important politician also tried to meet Ayyan under a fake name of Shahid Shah and had even managed to get the card made, however the intelligence agencies timely got to know about this. The man managed to escape.