Parliament’s resolution on Yemen in accordance with govt’s policy: PM

Saudi Arabia

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday reiterated his stance to resolve the Yemen crisis through dialogue.

Delivering a key statement regarding Pakistan’s stance on Yemen issue this evening, the PM said Parliament’s resolution on Yemen is in accordance with the government’s policy.

The Prime Minister said any threat to Saudi Arabia’s territorial integrity will evoke a strong response from Pakistan.

PM Nawaz further said Pakistan will continue to pursue the policy of friendly ties with GCC countries.

He added that there were various rumours being spread in the media which were creating misconceptions with regards to Pakistan’s strong ties with its Arab brethren.

He reaffirmed Pakistan’s long term commitment to Saudi Arabia’s sovereignty, and said that its stability is the main pillar of Pakistan’s foreign policy.

PM Nawaz went on to say that Pakistan does not abandon friends and strategic partners especially at a time when their security is under threat.

He said Saudi Arabia is one of the most important strategic allies of Pakistan.

He also added that Pakistan attaches importance to the sanctity of the two holy mosques and full support to their custodian.

Earlier today, the PM House spokesman said the PM’s important statement was to be broadcast on PTV at 6:30PM and would inform the nation on the situation unfolding in Yemen and Pakistan’s response to Saudi Arabia’s request of military intervention.