PESAHAWAR: President of PML-N Khyber Pakhtwankhwa Pir Sabir Shah saying that he accepts and will accept all the decisions of his party added that being the president of the PML-N KPK chapter does not allow him to take part in Senate elections.

Addressing a press conference in Peshawar the former chief of KPK further said that he was told that he would have to leave party president-ship to take part in Senate elections but if the party leadership asked him e would file the nomination paper.

I was disappointed by being a ‘Covering Candidate’ but part presidentship is a honour for me, he said adding that he is in a state of testing. I made the decision to resign to save the honor of my designation, he added.

He said that he has left his decision to the party leadership and that he would file the nomination paper as an ordinary member of the party for ‘Covering Candidate’.