Najam Sethi

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KARACHI (Dunya News) – Corps Commander Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar said on Saturday that Karachi operation will continue. While addressing a seminar in Karachi, he said that keeping peace in Karachi is army s responsibility. He further said that terrorism will be eliminated from the country, reported Dunya News.

Naveed Mukhtar said that the sacrifices of the common people and security workers will not go in vain. He said no one can defeat a nation ready for sacrifices.

“Karachi is called ‘mini Pakistan’ and different mafias have captured the on outskirts on the city while land mafia and tanker mafia are also active now”, said Naveed Mukhtar. He further said that Karachi earns 65% revenue. Naveed said that they will not leave any terrorist, extortionist or kidnapper free to destroy the peace of Karachi.