Hariri reacts to Nasrollah remarks, voices support for Saudi aggressions in Yemen


Head of Lebanon’s Future Movement, Saad Hariri, has hastily reacted to the remarks of Lebanon’s Hezbollah Secretary General, Seyed Hassan Nasrollah, and has voiced support for the Saudi regime’s aggressions against the Yemeni nation.

According to IRNA, citing the Lebanese national news agency, Saad Hariri once again adopted a stand against the Islamic Republic of Iran in his Twitter post, and referred to the military invasion of Yemen by Saudi troops as a measure against Iran.

Saad Hariri emphasized that nothing can obstruct ‘our strong relations with the Saudi regime and the Persian Gulf littoral Arab states.’

He went to add that meanwhile Lebanon’s interests are more important than any other issue and ‘we emphasize continuation of talks between Hezbollah and Future Movements.’

Observers believe that in the run-up to a possible nuclear agreement between Iran and 5+1 Group, the Zionist and Saudi regimes are making strenuous efforts to obstruct such an agreement.