Russia will build a group of military transport aircraft capable of flight deliver one armored army of 400 heavy tanks “Armata” anywhere in the world in 7 hours

Despite the defensive nature of the military doctrine and statements of top political leaders of the purely local, cross-border activities of armed forces, changes in priorities for prospective arms tell a different story. Ordered the development of new types of military equipment suggests that Russia will enter the global strategy of military response. Following a statement by the Ministry of Defence on the development and construction of a series of aircraft carriers by 2030 today at a private college Military-Industrial Commission with the participation of the Minister of Defense was approved by the decision to create up to 2024 groups of supersonic super heavy military transport aircraft unprecedented capacity of up to 200 tons.

A feature of the new machines will be the adaptation to the new transport tanks “Armata” – with automated loading, manning on board several floors and the possibility of landing on any terrain. If this program is implemented, in 10 years the Russian Air Force will be able for a maximum of 7:00 to deliver on any continent full armored army of 400 heavy tanks with three additional Ammunition and personnel to each of them, or about 900 tanks easy class. In view of the development of a network of military bases in the Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia, which is expected to be completed by the same date, it becomes obvious that the country is preparing for a full-scale military confrontation transcontinental character.