Cricket World Cup Match

A purported schedule of World Cup 2015 matches and their allegedly ‘fixed’ results, shows that Pakistan will win against West Indies on Saturday but will only get as far as the quarter-finals stage of the tournament, the Express Tribune reported on Friday.

The schedule, which as gone viral through messaging app Whatsapp, purports that almost all matches at the World Cup being played in Australia and New Zealand are fixed.

It claims to have successfully predicted outcomes of the matches so far. However, the original date of the message or its credibility cannot be independently verified and it remains to be seen whether the purported schedule will be accurate for the remainder of the tournament.

According to the purported schedule, Pakistan will win against West Indies on Saturday and its matches against Zimbabwe and UAE before losing to South Africa. Oddly, it does not suggest a fixed winner between Ireland and Pakistan.

It suggests that Pakistan will face Sri Lanka in the quarter-finals and will lose the match, crashing out of the tournament.

The purported schedule suggests that India will lose its crunch match against South Africa on Sunday, but will win all its remaining group matches. It will beat group A winners New Zealand in the first quarter-final, but fall to Australia in the semi-final.

New Zealand will be on top in group A and would win all the matches whereas in group B South Africa will top the list.

The teams which will make it to the semi-final include India, Australia, South Africa and Sri Lanka. The final will be contested by Australia and South Africa, with the African nation prevailing to lift the World Cup for the first time in its history.