FIVE most common New York cab driver names are all Mohammed


Thousands of snippets of data have been gathered to provide a detailed look at one of New York City’s most iconic sights – the yellow cab.

An info-graphic by Vizual-statistix this week has revealed that the most common first name in 2014 among the 52,131 authorized drivers (those behind the wheel of both yellow cabs and limousines) is Mohammad – and alternate spellings MD, Mohammed, Muhammad, and Mohamed. The next most common names were Jean and Abdul.

The most common surname is Singh followed by Rahman and Islam, according to the wealth of information available for public use through the project NYC Open Data.

According to city statistics, New York cab drivers are the epitome of diversity. Cabbies come from all of the Big Apple’s five boroughs; 31 states (and D.C). and more than 175 countries around the world.