BOL Media Group, Pakistan’s largest media conglomerate, is set to blaze a trail in Pakistan’s media industry, lending a new dimension to the realm of news and entertainment and bringing the country to the attention of the global audience as a peace-loving, enlightened and progressive nation. In this context, the group is in the process of hiring highly qualified and experienced media personnel. Amir Zia is known among the journalistic fraternity as a highly ambitious professional who is truly dedicated to his calling.

Amir Zia is now onboard with BOL Media Group as Senior Executive Vice President, BOL News

Amir Zia received his master’s degree in English Literature from Karachi University. He began his career from a small newspaper and worked his way up to become one of the leading journalists in the country. He has vast reporting and writing experience and has been associated with some globally-renowned news agencies such as Associated Press and Reuters. Despite immense experience and craft in his field, he never ceases to experiment as he believes in constant learning and development. He has extensively written and reported on a number of social and political issues including crime, the environment, and trade union activities. In recognition of his journalistic achievements, he received numerous accolades including the APNS award.

Although a professional reporter, Amir Zia finds writing his real passion; he has been writing weekly columns for The News on a wide range of subjects. He has wide readership of his enlightening and thought-provoking articles and is a source of inspiration for young writers. In addition to being a prolific writer, he is a voracious reader and possesses in-depth knowledge of a number of problems facing the world. He has also had the privilege of working with a number of high-profile journalists, such as the late Razia Bhatti, Zahid Hussain, Ghazi Salahuddin and many more.

“BOL is delighted to welcome onboard one of Pakistan’s most highly esteemed journalists, Amir Zia,” said Axact and BOL’s Chairman and CEO, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh.

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