Aamir Liaqat on Imran Khan

Senior TV host and former politician Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain has strongly criticized Imran Khan for calling himself a Mahajir. Amir Liaquat, who now also hosts a morning show on Geo Entertainment, said that, ‘he(Imran Khan) used to chant ‘Aey Pakistanioun’ from his container, but now I am excited to hear him chanting ‘Aey Mahajiroun’ from his container at Jinnah ground.’

Amir Liaqat, a former Mutaihda Quami Movement (MQM) leader and Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, lashes out Imran Khan in his morning show on Geo Entertainment. He said that, ‘since yesterday, he(ImranKhan) was calling himself a Pakistani but just for a seat, he has become Mahajir.’ Amir added that he has written a column in newspaper, probably daily Jang, ‘Lo Bhaiya, Khan Sahab Bhi Mahajir Nikley.’

“On one hand, you call yourself a Pakistani, and then, just for a seat, you become Mahajir,” criticized Amir Liaqaut. “Now, when they will go back, they will become Pakistani again. They do not accept the realities. This is not the way to conquer hearts” added Amir Liaquat.

Watch the video clip of Amir Liaquat criticizing Imran Khan for calling himself a Mahajir for one seat.