Technology is the need of time. From health to wars human is totally dependent on new and latest technologies.

The superpowers of the world not only ruling the world with the power of latest and newest technologies but they also sell it to developing countries and bring back home foreign Forex.

Making new technologies creates new jobs for the youth of the country and bring prosperity of human life.
Bringing the latest technologies into the battle fields and defeating the enemy has became the big competition between many rival countries of the world.

The scientists of different countries to create something new which can replace the infantry and destroy the enemy. Everyone one want to reduce the human loss in the wars especially to protect the soldiers. This has now became a passion among the rival countries.

The world as a whole is doing great research, but the Muslim world is yet busy with internal conflicts since centuries. As compared to Europe and some Asian countries the Muslim world is far behind in the field of research and technology.

The Muslims are totally dependent on Non-Muslim countries in the field of technology and science. It is very necessary that the Muslims should be aware of the newest and upcoming technologies.